Mixture For Rum Arranges Bois Bandé

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An Aphrodisiac Potion for your Intimate Evenings

Spice up your intimate evenings with our Mixture for Rum Arrange Bois Bandé, an exquisite concoction specially designed to ignite your libido and rekindle passion with your significant other. Combining the stimulating virtues of bois bandage, renowned for its aphrodisiac properties, with the ardor of ginger, this sensual creation promises to raise the temperature 💘. The lemony and bitter notes are deftly balanced by a touch of cinnamon, thus offering a taste experience that is both sweet and tangy. Perfectly suited to naughty and passionate evenings, this spiced rum is intended for knowledgeable connoisseurs and in search of intensity 🤫.

A Brazilian Tree with Energizing Virtues

Originally from Brazil, bois bande comes from the Muira Puama tree, which has been used for generations by Amazonian tribes for its medicinal properties. This extraordinary plant is renowned for its energizing effects and its ability to improve endurance, placing it alongside other superfoods such as maca, ginseng and guarana. However, its vasodilating properties are not reduced by alcohol. If you suffer from heart problems, we recommend that you consult your doctor before tasting our Mixture for Rum Arrange Bois Bandé. Let yourself be tempted by this bewitching experience and discover for yourself the intoxicating powers of wood bandaged 😉.


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

70 cl


Ingredients: bois bande 39%, lemongrass leaves, cinnamon stick, bitter orange leaves, pieces of ginger, black peppercorns.


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