L'Envie Black Tea (Apple, Raspberry, Cherry) Round Box

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A black tea full of fruity flavors

Let yourself be tempted by our delicious flavored black tea "L'Envie" with irresistible flavors of apple 🍎, raspberry 🍓 and cherry 🍒. This fruity and gourmet blend will awaken your taste buds with every sip. In its pretty round box, this black tea with tangy and sweet notes is a real pleasure to taste.

An explosion of fruity flavors in your cup

“L'Envie” black tea is ideal to accompany your moments of relaxation or to give you a boost during the day. Its fruity flavor and bewitching aroma will offer you an incomparable taste experience. Savor it warm to fully appreciate the fruity notes of apple, raspberry and cherry. You can also prepare it in an iced version for a thirst-quenching and refreshing drink.

65 g

153.08 € / kg

Tea "L'Envie"
Ingredients: black tea (China) 90%, pieces of apple (apple, E223 (sulfite)) 3,6% and raspberries 2,25%, flavorings (apple 3,6%, cherry 0,4%).

PICTO_THE_INFU_SITE_VALIDES_MINUTEUR_SABLIER_3a4mn-min_4 L'Envie Black Tea (Apple, Raspberry, Cherry) Round BoxPICTO_THE_INFU_SITE_VALIDES_THERMOMETRE_CHAUD_70_160-min_1 L'Envie Black Tea (Apple, Raspberry, Cherry) Round Box


Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g of unprepared product

Energy: 188 kJ / 45 kcal

Fat: 0.1 g of which Saturated fatty acids: 0 g

Carbohydrates: 4 g of which Sugars 4 g

Proteins: 0.2 g

Salt: 0.005 g

How to use the product : infuse one teaspoon per cup (20 cl) for 3 to 4 minutes in simmering water (85°C/185°F).

Keep dry.

Possible traces of nuts, sesame, gluten, milk, soy, sulphites.


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