10 Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules Cap Mundo Ebony

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A cafe with character!

Here is a Cap'Mundo coffee that does not lack character! Particularly aromatic, Ebene coffee develops powerful notes of cedar, coriander and black pepper, all enhanced with a touch of ginger. The secret of its incomparable taste? A touch of robusta which sublimates its spicy notes, and which gives this coffee one of the smoothest crema… ☕ In short, a coffee that slaps, ideal for those who need a boost when they wake up!

A unique blend of several coffees

Cap'Mundo is a creator of coffees that combines several vintages to get the best from each terroir. These Nespresso compatible capsules therefore concentrate a delicious blend of African Arabica coffees, sublimated by a Robusta from Asia with woody and spicy aromas...🤩 Intense, racy, this original recipe with a beautiful aromatic complexity will delight lovers of limited.

10 x 5.8g

0.03 € / kg

100% ebony coffee Use-by date 12/2023

Store away from light and humidity.


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