Arrange Me Ti'Punch (Lime) 30% Vol.

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Your fresh Ti'Punch arranged rum!

Impossible to do more West Indian than this rum arranged like Ti' punch! Generously flavored with slices of lime, the white rum with a warm and powerful flavor becomes much fresher and lighter. A spirit drink to be consumed as it is as a digestive, or as an aperitif, with an extra dose of lime or a dash of sparkling water for a most invigorating mojito-style ti' punch!

The West Indies in your glass

This Quai Sud arranged rum is a pure product of the Antilles, made from Caribbean rum, an agricultural rum with authentic sugar cane flavors. Stay in style to accompany it, by combining it with the specialties of West Indian aperitifs: cod acras, spicy shrimp with colombo and crab croquettes. At table !

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

70 cl


Arrangez-Moi Ti'Punch (Lime) Spirit Drink based on 50 cL of Caribbean rum at 30% vol. + 120 g lime
Impossible to get more West Indian than this Ti'punch style rum! Generously flavored with lime slices, the white rum with its warm and powerful flavor becomes much fresher and lighter.

Directions for use: You can consume this arrangement as is, with a few ice cubes, or lengthened with the fruit juice of your choice.


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