What coffee to start the day off right?

start the day well What coffee to start the day off right?

Start the day without coffee? Unthinkable! For many of us, breakfast rhymes with good coffee ☕, and this is even more true in this back-to-school period. But have you ever wondered which coffee is best suited to wake you up? Filter coffee or espresso? Arabica or Robusta? 🤔 Not easy... In fact, it depends on several criteria, but above all... on you. We explain everything in this article, the Quai Sud coffee selection and more for a good morning wake-up call.

Filter coffee, espresso… Which coffee to drink in the morning?

Not everyone needs the same dose of caffeine when they wake up. In reality, no one really needs it when they get out of bed 🤨. Yes, yes you read that right. Every morning between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., our body secretes a kind of natural coffee, a hormone that wakes you up: cortisol. Only, at this early hour, you may be more sensitive to the charm of your pillow… than to that of your cortisol level 😴.

This is where caffeine comes to the rescue! It increases cortisol in the blood, providing the little boost that ends up waking you up. If all coffees contain it, it is above all the filtration method that releases the caffeine in greater or lesser quantities. The longer the coffee is in contact with water, the more caffeine it releases.. An espresso will therefore contain little caffeine compared to a filter coffee. The champion in all categories is coffee made with a French press, with a filtration time of 5-6 minutes.

In summary, to start your day off right, drink a percolator coffee (espresso or lungo) instead if you're a morning person, your cortisol will do the rest. Those who have more difficulty getting out of bed and feeling good awake will choose a filter coffee or a slow coffee (at the French press). It's a first step towards your ideal morning coffee ☕.

What coffee to wake up to?

Now that you're well equipped, it's time for coffee! It's as much a matter of taste as of character. Those who prefer a tonic awakening will choose an arabica-robusta blend. Powerful and complex, it is a full-bodied coffee Butter dense and unctuous. It promotes concentration, which makes it perfect for those who have meetings in the morning.

different-coffee-for-all-the-day What coffee to start the day off right?

Those for whom revivals are really difficult and who need a boost will turn to Italian roasted coffee, with more full-bodied flavors. A little milk foam will soften its bitterness and allow romantics to leave tender messages for their chosen one ❤. A little tenderness is also good to start the day!

If you're more of a grumpy Smurf when you wake up, like "don't talk to me until I've had my coffee" 😒, a fruity and balanced coffee like a pure arabica ethiopian mocha will suit you. Aromatic without being aggressive, Sidamo mocha gives off fine aromas of white flowers and red fruits. Ideal to put you in a good mood.

Finally, gourmets, as well as those who need a sweet start to the day, will be seduced by flavored coffee. Vanilla, caramel, chocolate... In addition to their gourmet aromas, these coffees allow you to vary the pleasures every day 🥐🧁🍫.

Morning coffee: the Quai Sud selection

At Quai Sud, we have a café for all profiles. Whether your mornings are grumpy, gourmet, dynamic or sleepy, there is bound to be a Quai Sud café for you! We mainly offer Arabicas with a balanced roast, but we take into account the strong drink lovers. For example, the Dark Ebony coffee from Cap Mundo has a powerful flavor like a robusta, but with a woody and spicy aromatic finesse. Ideal in limited for tonic awakenings.

You prefer a sweet coffee when you wake up ? Discover our delicious flavored coffees ! Crème brûlée, hazelnut, praline… For a breakfast full of fantasy! The sweet and aromatic scent of Mocha from Ethiopia combined with natural flavors awaits you every day in your cup… Coffees available in beans or ground that adapt to all types of coffee makers, for more or less caffeinated filtration. Your cortisol will love it! 😊

What coffee in the morning if you are wide awake when you jump out of bed? Opt for dabema, a delicious decaf very aromatic with notes of honey and chocolate, or Zebrano, a balanced and harmonious coffee which will put you in a good mood. Coffees in Nespresso compatible capsules for a coffee ready in 2 minutes flat.

The right coffee to start the day off right is yours, so listen to your needs and desires. And if you can't find coffee in your cup, there are plenty of other drinks to wake up without coffee: chicory, golden milk, maté… At Quai Sud, we offer teas, hot chocolates and infusions. Make your choice… We wish you a good day!

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