10 dessert ideas for Easter

10 dessert ideas for Easter

Cocottes and chocolate lambs settle in the garden, the bells return from Rome and the children go on an egg hunt. The Easter holidays are approaching and our cravings for gluttony are waking up! Here are 10 dessert ideas for Easter selected by Quai Sud. Are you looking for an original Easter dessert? With or without chocolate? Follow the guide, your Easter table will shine with delicacy ✨.

Tradition respected: chocolate Easter desserts 🍫

We start with the essential Easter desserts, overflowing with chocolate and 100% gourmet. Followers of the diet abstain 😉

  1. The Chocolate Easter Nest

This is THE Easter dessert. Regressive as you wish, all chocolate from sponge cake to butter cream or with a dose of praline, we're salivating in advance 😋. Decorate with a chocolate casserole surrounded by small eggs, or sprinkled with multicolored pearls or sparkling chocolate balls...

  1. The chocolate cake

A must-have on the Easter table, the chocolate cake knows how to be light by replacing the chocolate with one of our flavored cocoas. To be prepared in a mold in the shape of a rabbit 🐇 or a lamb 🐑, like with our Alsatian friends.

  1. The chocolate-coffee cake

Irresistibly chocolate and full-bodied, the chocolate-coffee mellow is reserved for thrill seekers. At the heart of a delicious 70% dark chocolate mixture, add a cup of ristretto Ebony from Cap' Mundo, powerful with its dose of robusta. Sprinkle with crushed hazelnuts for a touch of crunchy sweetness.

How about an Easter dessert without chocolate?…

Easter is not just chocolate. Besides, there are people who don't like it (unbelievable but true). It is in April that the first fruits of spring appear, and we have the right to prefer a light note to end a hearty festive meal!

  1. Vanilla Floating Island

Another great Easter classic, the floating island enchants us with its sweetness. To share or in individual portions, the floating island is always accompanied by a custard generously flavored with vanilla. Exotic atmosphere guaranteed with our vanilla from Madagascar which respects tradition, or that of Tahiti with aniseed flavor.

  1. Apple tart tatin

Tarte Tatin is the safe bet for Easter. Simple, inescapable, this upside-down apple pie ends the Easter meal in style. To sublimate it with a gourmet note, accompany it with a vanilla whipped cream.

  1. The strawberry tiramisu

Easter tiramisu comes with the first fruit of spring 🍓. Dip pink biscuits from Reims in strawberry juice, drizzled with our mint or verbena syrup for freshness, or in our unicorn tea chewing gum flavor. Yes, this year Easter falls on unicorn day 🦄, it can't be invented. Decorate it all with crystallized rose petals for a beautiful, all pink tiramisu.

  1. Strawberry-rhubarb cheesecake

The Easter meal ends in style and in pink with the strawberry-rhubarb cheesecake. A perfect gourmet combination for a light dessert.

Original Easter dessert ideas

Family meals are an opportunity to shake up tradition. How about a vegan Easter dessert? Yes, it's delicious. We end with our star Easter dessert, a marvel of originality that will delight your taste buds.

  1. Small silken tofu mousses

Who said eating vegan was bland and boring? Change your mind with small chocolate mousses made with silken tofu. Use a yogurt maker for a gourmet mousse that sticks well. Sprinkle with coconut and chocolate chips: delicious 👌.

  1. Vegan chocolate verrines

Another all-chocolate Easter dessert, the vegan verrine is all the rage! For a gourmet vegetable dessert strong in chocolate, combine the soy cream-based ganache with a chocolate mousse with aquafaba (chickpea juice, no flavor), or with a chocolate cream made from vegetable milk and starch. corn. Sprinkle it all with our cocoatines crushed.

  1. Trompe-l'œil boiled eggs

Surprise your guests with a shell egg trompe-l'oeil 🥚. A loose white chocolate mousse for the white, our Concentrate Fruity mango-passion jelly for the yolk; slip everything into eggshells that you place in their cardboard box, and here are soft-boiled eggs more real than life! Add brioche or sponge cake with almonds: wow effect guaranteed!

Go into the kitchen with Quai Sud to prepare gourmet feasts! We wish you a happy Easter.

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