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The fair trade cocoa

img_7929-1-1 The fair trade cocoa
Fair and organic farming are values that are paramount to us, which is why we have been engaged and working for more than 20 years with a producer whose cocoa is labeled Bio Equitable.
4 Producer Countries:
– Ecuador
– São Tomé and Principe
– Peru
– Dominican Republic

Step 1: Identify and select the best plant material.

the-noir-cacao-tchai-srilanka-equitable-bio-2-1 The fair trade cocoa
To offer such a gustative quality, it is necessary to select and work the varieties of plantations in order to obtain a vintage of excellence. Thanks to this, producers can identify the best native varieties of cocoa, but also set up nurseries and grafting programs. A reserve of aromatic and productive plants is guaranteed, local communities are therefore involved in a quality process, and this guarantees the transmission of know-how locally.

In 2019:

– 65 aromatic varieties were selected
– 70,176 transplanted plants were distributed
– 649 tastings of cocoa masses took place

2nd step: revolutionizing cocoa cultivation for more sustainability.                           

shutterstock_1049622845-2 The fair trade cocoa
Producers pay special attention to the production of quality cocoa, as well as exceptional know-how, in order to obtain the best of cocoa. Experimental programs have been set up to guarantee an increase in yield through the renovation of plantations. Combating deforestation and restoring degraded soils are thus part of a global management model.

In 2019:
– 326 hectares have been renovated since 2010
– 68,000 trees were pruned
– 52,124 trees were grafted
– 32 technicians were trained
– 5,959 visits were carried out by local technical teams
– 242 hectares of agroforestry land have been established

Step 3: Master post-harvest work and innovate to exploit the aromatic potential of cocoa

BC1-1024x683-1 The fair trade cocoa
The post-harvest work of cocoa is very similar to that of grapes. Like him, a poorly worked bean will not be able to give good cocoa. The control of fermentation and drying and essential, because it reveals the best aromas as a great vintage of wine, but also to avoid defects, which will deviate from the taste and quality of chocolate.

Our producer has therefore put in place quality controls, pilot research programs on the improvement of fermentation, both partners to perfect the aromatic richness of cocoa.

In 2019:

– 428 quality audit visits were carried out
– 429 tastings of cocoa masses took place
– 1,416 quality checks were carried out on cocoa
– 2 laboratories have been equipped in the sector cacao

4th step: Preserve the ecosystem to maintain a sustainable production environment.

IMG_5667-1 The fair trade cocoa
Increasingly, the dramatic effects of climate change on biodiversity threaten the sustainability of the farming profession. This is why our producer has put in place a diagnosis of the ecosystems to be protected and proposes agroforestry solutions by planting shading trees and alternative cultivation. It thus supports and participates in the protection of fragile ecosystems, the promotion of agroforestry, reforestation and the guarantee of additional income to producers.

In 2019:

– 2,044 producers were trained
– 29,669 shade trees were produced and distributed
– 242 hectares of agroforestry have been set up.

Step 5: Ensuring a sustainable production model

03cacao3-696x464-1-1 The fair trade cocoa
Our cocoa producers carry out long-term partnerships with other producers, in a logic of co-development, in favor of fair trade and local development of the sectors. This involvement ensures the sound and sustainable management of cooperatives.

But it goes even further than the principles of fair trade: producers are trained, benefit from technical and agronomic support in the renovation of their plantations. Thanks to this, cocoa farmers become professionalized, and receive a fair remuneration.

In 2019:

– 342 criteria checked annually without fair certification framework
– €55,168 in health funds has been obtained
– Children’s Education Support Program Implemented
– An Environment and Biodiversity programme has been established

100% of our producer’s cocoa is organic and fair trade.

label_biopartenaire_Equitable-et-bio_petit-jpeg-1 The fair trade cocoa
neues-EU-Bio-Logo-1 The fair trade cocoa
FFLLogo4c-1 The fair trade cocoa

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