What are the benefits of fruity waters?

eau-fruitee-1 What are the benefits of fruity waters?

Also called flavored water, infused water or even detox water, fruity water has become an alternative to sodas, especially in the summer. But what exactly does it contain? Is she healthy? Quai Sud takes stock of its composition and helps you sort out the real from the fake when it comes to fruity water.

There is fruity water and fruity water…

First of all, what is fruity water? It is a water to which pieces of fruit have been added which are left to infuse for at least 30 minutes. It may also contain spices and herbs to give a spicy and full-flavoured blend, much more pleasant to drink than desperately flat water! Because this is the main asset of fruity water: its taste! Scented, colored with beautiful pieces of fruit, refreshing, fruity water is more thirst-quenching than a soda and much better for your health.

However, be careful: some commercial flavored waters contain synthetic flavors, sugars and/or additives, making these waters harmful to health.. Read labels carefully. Also avoid water containing sweeteners, which disrupt digestion and act like sugar in the brain; they cause a spike in insulin and then encourage snacking, which is counterproductive if you are looking for a low-calorie drink.

Clear, good fruity water is natural! It contains nothing but fruit sugar, which stimulates little insulin because it is present in small quantities. No additives or preservatives. If you choose a preparation for fruity water to make it yourself, make sure that the fruit has been dehydrated naturally or that the flavors are extracted by steam, without chemical additives. The flavorings used to enhance the taste of the fruits must also be natural.

At Quai Sud, all our blends for fruity waters are prepared by hand in our workshop in Signes, in the Var. Our preparations are composed of fruits dehydrated for a long time in the oven and fragrant spices. Everything is labeled organic, without aroma, without preservative and without added sugar. Isn't life beautiful?!

eaux-1 What are the benefits of fruity waters?

Fruity water: hydration above all  

Flavored waters are often associated with many virtues: vitamins, antioxidants, Detox… Those health claims tend to mislead us about the real benefits of fruity waters. Let's do a check in :

  • Fruity waters contain relatively few vitamins because they are rarely soluble in water. Vitamins also degrade very quickly on contact with air and light, which reduces their number accordingly.
  • Ditto for antioxidants: their quantity is low but variable. They are more numerous in a preparation based on whole fruit and not fruit juice, but it all depends on the nature of the ingredients. Green tea, cinnamon, citrus and acai berries, for example, are among the foods richest in antioxidants.
  • As for the appearance Detox, it has never been proven that water, even fruity, makes you lose weight! Also, fruity water contains the sugar from the fruit, so it's not entirely calorie-free.
fruit-water-bottle What are the benefits of fruity waters?

So if you want to keep in shape, stay young or lose some curves, fruity water will not be enough. Don't stop sports, anti-wrinkle creams and even less your diet... Too bad, it would have been so simple 😞

But then why consume fruity water? Because it's good, of course!!! Fruity water is more only plain water! Nutritionists recommend drinking 1,5 to 2 liters of water a day outside of meals, or even more during heat waves; if plain water remains the only essential drink, it is not forbidden to consume flavored water, especially if it encourages you to drink regularly. So it's a good way to stay hydrated.

If the fruity water does not bring anything on the nutritional level or in the prevention of diseases, it participates in the elimination of toxins as well as in the good functioning of the brain, the muscles and the intestines. Its sweet touch makes it ideal for recovering after practicing a physical or sports activity.

Depending on their composition, fruity waters embellished with plants such as Mint, lemongrass or ginger can help digestion. They also have the advantage of masking the metallic taste of certain mineral waters rich in iron or magnesium, which allows you to benefit from their virtues while maintaining your water and mineral intake. Smart, fruity water 😉

Make your own fruity water recipes: blueberries-lavender or acai-cranberries for their (modest) antioxidant properties, melon-verbena to concentrate all the flavors of summer… The choice is yours! Also discover all our preparations for fruity waters to vary the pleasures.

fruity-water-lavender-blueberry What are the benefits of fruity waters?
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