Quality charter

Discover our actions in favour of the environment.


-         ISO 14 001 initiative

Quai Sud respects the ISO 14 001 initiative in order to reduce its environmental impact.

-         “Eco” packaging :

Quai sud favours packaging with low environmental impact.

Recyclable materials: the glass is very used. The “glass jar” (herbal teas) and the carafe (rum and cocktails mixes) packaging are made in recycled glass. The “crystal” boxed set are made in recyclable PET (polyethylene).

Reusable packaging: The “glass shot”, “bock”, “cocktail glass” and “straw bonbonniere” packaging are reusable.

The “zip pack bag” packaging:

Economical: it is possible to refill this packaging.

Environmental:  a low volume of waste are used..

-         An eco-friendly building

The premises were designed in favour of the environment in order to limit energy consumption.

-         Waste recycling

Quai Sud is pushing hard to recycle its waste (papers, plastics, organic matters).