Loyalty program

Earn loyalty points with each of your orders!
1 loyalty point = 0.50 euros

program-fidelite-quai-sud_3 Loyalty program

It is necessary to have a customer account to take advantage of our loyalty program.

After each order or action, you accumulate loyalty points. These points are added to your account balance and will be reusable for your next orders.

1 loyalty point = 0.50 euros

How to earn points ?

banniere-fidelite-program_2 Loyalty program

Refer your friends! 

parrainage-quai-sud_2 Loyalty program

Your friends will receive a reduction of € 5,00 by making a purchase on our site. 

You will receive 10 Points after a purchase made by your friends.

refer my friends

Where to spend my points?

As soon as you accumulate points, these can be converted into euros and can be deducted from your next orders, whenever you wish!

Just go to your basket and fill in the points you want to use.

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