Organic* Chocolate Liqueur 15% Vol.

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A Provencal artisanal delight

Our chocolate liqueur is concocted in our workshops in Provence from organic cocoa powder and other ingredients scrupulously selected by us. This nectar, both powerful and delicate, is the expression of our passion for chocolate and our commitment to respecting traditional methods of distillation. Each bottle encapsulates the essence of the finest quality cocoa, carefully selected for its richness and depth of flavor.

A gourmet touch for your desserts and digestives

This gourmet liqueur is ideal with a dessert as a topping or digestive. It can sublimate a simple vanilla ice cream, add a touch of sophistication to a chocolate cake, or even create an unexpected alliance with a blue-veined cheese. As a digestive, its aromatic complexity is perfectly highlighted: the sweet bitterness of the cocoa, the roundness of the sugar and the warmth of the alcohol create a perfect balance that is savored slowly, for an end to a meal that is both comforting and refined. Whether to enhance your desserts or to prolong the pleasure of the table, our chocolate liqueur offers a unique sensory experience, a real gourmet getaway in the heart of Provence.

70 cl


A liqueur with intense flavors, powerful aromas and original packaging!!! Based on ORGANIC* rum 15% vol. and ORGANIC* chocolate

* from organic farming

Store at room temperature (18-23,5°). Store in the refrigerator after opening.
To be enjoyed frozen as a digestive or in the kitchen to coat, vanilla ice cream or salted butter.


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