Cocoa “Comme Avant” Organic Bulk 1Kg

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Gourmet cocoa like at Grandma's!

Like Before, it's a gourmet organic cocoa, as generous as the one our darling granny prepared for us in our childhood 👵. Already sweet, all you have to do is taste it. And what a taste: in this bag, no less than a kilo of delicious cocoa! This promises beautiful cups of hot chocolate, to share with Grandma and the rest of the family in front of the fireplace.

Prepare yourself a hot chocolate… like before

For a very foamy cocoa as before, it's easy: a pan of very hot milk, pour over the cocoa, then put everything back to thicken over low heat. Mix for a few minutes with a whisk, and it's ready! The secret of this cocoa? A little corn starch which makes it very thick and creamy when cooked 🤫. Pure indulgence!

1000 g

34.95 € / kg

Ingredients: cane sugar*, lean cocoa* in organic powder 38,7%, corn starch*. * from organic farming.

Possible traces of nuts, gluten, mustard, sesame, sulphites, soy.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g of unprepared product. Energy: 1549 kJ / 370 kcal; Fats: 8 g of which Saturated fatty acids: 4.5 g; Carbohydrates: 67 g of which Sugars 44 g; Protein: 10g; Salt: 0.025 g.

For a thick and creamy cocoa, put 2 large teaspoons of cocoa in a saucepan. Add 125 ml of cold milk little by little while stirring with a whisk. Heat for a few minutes over medium heat, whisking constantly, until boiling.


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