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Multicolored sugared almonds for explosive hot chocolate!

The cocoa bomb is hot chocolate in fun mode ! In this little surprise ball to offer or hang on the Christmas tree 🎄, you will find our delicious organic snack cocoa flavored with speculoos and vanilla, accompanied by multicolored milk chocolate dragees from your childhood. An explosive and gourmet mix that makes traditional hot chocolate explode with joy ☕! Ideal for the holidays, you can nevertheless enjoy the cocoa bombs all year round, as soon as you feel like cookies or a need for fantasy! 🥳

A liter of speculoos-vanilla flavored hot chocolate in 5 minutes

Thanks to our cocoa bomb, prepare speculoos-vanilla hot chocolate for the whole family in 5 minutes ⏱. Reserve a pinch of dragees before carefully pouring the contents of the ball into a pan of milk. Heat over very low heat, stirring gently with a wooden spoon until a homogeneous preparation is obtained. Divide the hot chocolate into cups. Decorate with whipped cream then sprinkle with the reserved sugared almonds. And now... Enjoy! 😋

Fair trade organic cocoa

160 g

68.44 € / kg

Lean cocoa flavored with cinnamon-vanilla biscuit (50% lean cocoa powder, cane sugar, natural flavorings with 0,9% biscuit-cinnamon flavor and 0,7% vanilla flavor), Milk chocolate dragees (42%) (sugar, cocoa butter, whey powder, cocoa powder, rice starch, MILK POWDER, emulsifier (lecithin), glazing agents (shellac, gum arabic, vamauba wax, beeswax), concentrate (raisin, radish, blackcurrant, lemon, safflower and spirulina)) 38,7%.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g of unprepared product. Energy: 1kJ / 777kcal; Fat: 422 g of which Saturated fatty acids: 11 g; Carbohydrates: 7,2 g including Sugars 71 g; Protein: 57g; Salt: 5,8g

pour a liter of milk into a saucepan, heat over very low heat. Slowly pour the contents of the ball into the saucepan and mix gently using a whisk ideally or a wooden spoon until a smooth and homogeneous preparation is obtained. Help yourself, enjoy!
Gourmet decorative idea: Keep a few chocolate dragees to sprinkle them on whipped cream.


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