Samouraï cocktail mix

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Dangerously seductive!

Ingredients: cane sugar, lemon peels, rose petals, ginger, coloring agent: carbo medicinalis vegetalis, lime natural flavour, water.

Leave the mix the ingredients to macerate 48 hours in 70cL of vodka. Filter. Can be enjoyed like “ti’punch”: with 1/4 lime. As a long drink: with fruit juice or lemonade. Delicious and light with sparkling water.

Store in a dry place and away from light.

Possible traces of nuts, gluten, mustard, sesame, milk, sulfites, soy.

Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100 g

Énergie : 1297 kJ / 310 kcal

Matières grasses : 0.2 g  dont Acides gras saturés : 0.1 g

Glucides : 75 g dont Sucres 73 g

Protéines : 1 g

Sel : 0.087 g


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