Père Joël le rebelle

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Christmas mustard flavored with gingerbread

Joel le Rebelle spends his time scraping his electric guitar in memory of a good time while his good food simmers. Nostalgic and because he is an epicurean, he plays his old hits he listened with his partner Simone when he took his Harley Davidson.

For more than ten years, he was able to visit all of France. His favorite region? Alsace with the famous gingerbread. Besides, he has never forgotten this wonderful recipe for pork sautéed with gingerbread mustard that he prepares each month to his friends! Discover the recipe of Joel the Rebel on our blog!

#onequunelife #paindepice

Ingredients: mustard from Dijon (water, mustard seeds, alcohol vinegar, salt, preservative: potassium metabisulfite, acidifier: citric acid), 13% gingerbread with honey (rye flour (gluten) glucose syrup – fructose, water, 8% honey, malted wheat flour (gluten), caramelized sugar, baking powders: sodium carbonate, diphosphate, sugar, salt, colza oil, flavours, preservative: sorbic acid, spice blend including cinnamon), 0.4% natural flavour (gingerbread)

Contains trace of celery. Keep cool after opening.

Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100 g. Énergie : 1548 KJ / 370 kcal, matières grasses : 33 g  dont acide gras saturés : 3.5 g, glucides : 13 g dont sucres 7 g, protéines : 4 g, sel : 3.950g.

Traces possibles de fruits à coque, sésame, moutarde, gluten, lait, œuf, soja, sulfites.

Poids net : 190 g


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