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The good taste of real organic chocolate!
Guaranteed cocoa content

100% greediness

Possible traces of nuts, gluten, mustard, sesame, milk, egg, sulphites, soya.

250 g

39.8 €/kg

Ingredients: low-fat cocoa powder 50%, cane sugar*, natural flavours (honey 2.1%, almonds 0.3%).

from organic farming.

Average nutritional values per 100 g of unprepared product.
Energy: 1549 kJ / 370 kcal; Fat: 6 g of which saturated fatty acids: 3.5 g;
Carbohydrates: 58 g of which sugars 49 g; Protein: 13 g; Salt: 0.025 g.

3 to 4 teaspoons per bowl of milk. For a thick and creamy hot chocolate, cook for a few minutes on low heat. Ideal for baking. Keep dry and away from heat. Possible traces of nuts, sesame, mustard, gluten, milk, soy, sulfites. Recipe idea: Use our cocoa to make delicious muffins or marble cake.


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