Our exceptional rum

We have selected a rum producer from Marie-Galante, a small island off Guadeloupe, in the heart of the West Indies.

The island of Marie Galante

Upon his arrival, Christopher Columbus baptized the island Maria Galanda, after one of his caravels. The 19th century marked the peak of sugar cane cultivation, and the island of Marie Galante is still recognized today by the number of its windmills, which will make it more typically called “The island of 100 mills”.

map-marie-galante-archipelago-guadeloupe Our exceptional rum

Between tradition and modernity

The distillery is located in the middle of a 140-hectare plantation, camped between the old distillery and a majestic mill dating from 1821. The new distillery embodies the alliance between heritage and the latest technology in rum.

Our exceptional rum distillery
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The process of making agricultural rum

From the cane to the bottle, a long work is done:

1ère step : After being harvested, the sugar cane goes to the pressing. This step consists of extracting its juice, the raw material of the cane.

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2nd stage: During the second stage, that of fermentation, the raw material is transformed into alcohol by adding yeasts. This is when the future rum obtains the characteristics that will give it its identity.

fermentation Our exceptional rum

3rd stage: By distilling this liquid, the light products (alcohol aromatic product) are isolated from the water. The rum thus obtained generally has an alcohol content of around 70°.

4th step: Before being mixed with water to bring it back to around 50°, some rums will spend several years in the aging phase.

Agricultural and industrial rum: what is the difference?

As we have seen above, agricultural rum is made from pure cane juice grown near distilleries, to be cut and crushed immediately and thus collect the heart of their aromas. However, this is not the case for an industrial rum, which is made from molasses, a very thick liquid which is the residue of the crystallization and refining of sugar. Its taste is then much less tasty than an agricultural rum. All our conventional (non-organic) rums are agricultural rums (the manufacture of organic agricultural rum does not yet exist.)

An exceptional agricultural rum

It is in the heart of the island of Marie Galante that this exceptional agricultural rum is aged and distilled in accordance with traditional methods. The know-how, tradition and passion of the planters are transmitted from generation to generation. This authentic White Rum with notes of vanilla and spices evokes the warmth of its island of origin and its intact spirit of tradition.

The quality of this rum has also been rewarded many times at the general agricultural competition. All the spirit of Marie-Galante is found in this connoisseur's rum where the sweet aromas of local sugar cane blend perfectly with the tonic freshness of a typical rum.

Some medals obtained:

4 gold medals

5 silver medals

5 bronze medals

000540649_896x598_c Our exceptional rum

Unique Eco-positive estate in the world

concerned about the environment, we have chosen a 100% non-polluting producer. It is the only Eco-positive domain in the world, thanks to its production of solar energy largely covering its consumption. It is the most modern unit in the French West Indies. It is once again the perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

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