Our fruit spreads

our-artisanal-quaisud-jams Our fruit spreads

All our preparations are artisanal and handmade in copper basins, in the heart of Provence.

Why use a copper cauldron?


Copper is an ideal material for preparing our fruit spread recipes because it absorbs heat from the fire very quickly and distributes it evenly. In effect, the cooking of fruit spreads must not exceed 110°, temperature at which fructose caramelizes, and therefore causes the fruits to lose their aromas. Copper then avoids hot spots and allows a temperature of homogeneous cooking.

Moreover, during cooking, fruits release pectin molecules naturally present in the cell wall. Here again, copper has a significant advantage: it promotes the binding of these long molecules. Once linked together, the pectin molecules form a network, like a sort of three-dimensional net that invades the entire jar and “traps” water and aromas. 

The shape of the container

The flared basin shape promotes evaporation. The level of sugar present in our fruit spreads is then higher more quickly, cooking takes less time and the taste of the fruit is less altered.

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