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Reunion Rum Mix

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55 g
€180.90 le kilo

Ingredients: 45.4% coconut, 30.3% banana slices (banana, coconut oil, sugar, flavour), papaya (papaya, sugar, E223 (sulfite)), mango (mango, sugar, citric acid, E223 (sulfite)) and pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar, citric acid). 

Average nutrition Value for 100 g unprepared. Energy : 2093 kJ / 500 kcal ; Total Fat : 30 g  Saturated fat : 26 g ; Carbohydrate : 43 g ; Sugars : 28 g ; Protein : 4 g ; Salt : 0.212 g

Leave the mix to macerate for 1 month in 70cl of white rum with 2 spoonfuls of cane sugar or honey. Filter. Can be enjoyed plain with 1/4 lime or in cocktails (punch, pina-colada, mojito…). Perfect for flavouring desserts: fruit salads, cakes, pancake batter…

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