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cannes-film-festival Cannes Film Festival: Quai Sud’s gourmet selection

Cannes Film Festival: the gourmet selection of Quai Sud

From May 16 to 27, 2023, the cinema is doing its show on the Croisette during the 76th Cannes Film Festival 😎. This is an opportunity for Quai Sud to highlight the delicious recipes of some of the famous films in the history of cinema! Bring these tasty recipes up to date with Quai Sud products, […]
15th May 2023
spring-gourmet-quai-sud A spring full of delicacies with the new Quai Sud boxes!

A spring full of delicacies with the new Quai Sud boxes!

Spring is coming, so are the Quai Sud boxes! Our pretty gourmet boxes will enchant each of your moments of sharing throughout the season. To be enjoyed as a couple, with family or friends, they all bring their share of delights. We make you discover them and we give you some ideas to enjoy […]
March 22, 2023
best-cafes-in-the-world-1 Exceptional coffees: discover the best coffees in the world

Exceptional coffees: discover the best coffees in the world

Among the innumerable amount of coffees, some have an exceptional flavor and they deserve you to taste them at least once in your life. Their names ring pleasantly in your ears: Blue Mountain, Kona, Bourbon Pointu… Their aromas make you travel, but not all of them deserve their reputation and their outrageously high price! Other […]
April 24th
flavor-of-the-mountain The flavors of the mountains: our gourmet overview

The flavors of the mountains: our gourmet overview

While the winter holidays are in full swing, we could have chosen the Seychelles to get away from it all. But no, we prefer to take you for a breath of fresh air in the mountains to warm you up with generous dishes! Rediscover typical mountain dishes 🏔 with Quai Sud specialties. Generous mountain dishes For […]
21th February 2023
10 dessert ideas for Easter

10 dessert ideas for Easter

Cocottes and chocolate lambs settle in the garden, the bells return from Rome and the children go on an egg hunt. The Easter holidays are approaching and our cravings for gluttony are waking up! Here are 10 dessert ideas for Easter selected by Quai Sud. Are you looking for a […]
19th February 2023
favorite-dish-raclette Close-up on raclette

Raclette close-up

The first leaves falling, the chilly early mornings… As soon as autumn had set in, we only had one dish in mind: raclette! 😍 Recently ranked second favorite dish of the French behind the unbeatable Sunday chicken and fries, the raclette makes us melt for its conviviality and its delicacy. But what do you really know about this unmissable […]
23th October
christmas-spices Christmas spices

Christmas spices

Christmas is fast approaching and delicious scents are already escaping from the kitchen: gingerbread, Christmas shortbread, mulled wine... During the end-of-year celebrations, spices put on a show on the plate as well as in the decoration, but do you know what Christmas spices are? Where does this gourmet tradition come from? 🤔 Close-up on […]
5th December 2022
start the day well What coffee to start the day off right?

What coffee to start the day off right?

Start the day without coffee? Unthinkable! For many of us, breakfast rhymes with good coffee ☕, and this is even more true in this back-to-school period. But have you ever wondered which coffee is best for waking up? Filter coffee or espresso? Arabica or Robusta? 🤔 Not easy… In fact, it […]
September 21, 2022
our-artisanal-jams-quaisud Our artisanal jams

Our artisanal jams

All our preparations are artisanal and handmade in copper basins, in the heart of Provence. Why use a copper cauldron? The material Copper is an ideal material for preparing jam because it absorbs heat from the fire very quickly and distributes it evenly. In fact, cooking […]
24th June 2022
50-shades-of-salt 50 shades of salt: a world tour of colored salts

50 shades of salt: around the world of colored salts

For many of us, salt is this bottle of small white crystals placed in the middle of the table, at the restaurant or in the canteen 🧂. But at Quai Sud, salt is much more fun! 😎 Blue, pink, red... we see them in all colors and all over the world! Embark with […]
2th June 2022
apero-ete Summer smells good with the Quai Sud aperitif!

It smells good in summer with the Quai Sud aperitif!

The beautiful days are coming, the holidays will soon be here, and festive aperitifs with friends too! Install the deckchairs, plant the parasol ⛱, put on your best Hawaiian shirt... That's it, you're ready 😎. Well almost. What are you going to serve your friends? 🤔 Good question… Something good, why not organic and […]
14th June 2022
differents-poivres The different Varieties of Pepper

The different varieties of pepper

Pepper, you know it mainly for its spiciness, but what do you really know about this vine native to south-west India? 🤔 Quai Sud takes you to discover pepper or rather peppers, because there are many of them! From their little story to the origin of their color, through their flavor in […]
3th May 2022
cream-brulee Vanilla crème brûlée

Vanilla crème brûlée

If there's one dessert that's easy to make and delicious, it's crème brûlée! Its fresh and melting texture, its still warm crunchy caramel and its good vanilla taste are absolutely irresistible 😋. But where does this great classic of gastronomy come from? How to make this delicate dessert? Quai Sud tells you everything and […]
April 21th
make-your-mustard How to make your own mustard?

How to make your own mustard?

Aah, mustard… Which Frenchman doesn't have a jar of this delicious condiment that has made us internationally famous in a cupboard? Because yes, it seems that we are the only ones eating our fries with mustard 🍟! But do you know how mustard is made?… 🤔 In fact, it's so simple that […]
March 17, 2022
fabrication-chocolat The origin of taste: from the bean to the bar, close-up on the fabrication of chocolate

The origin of taste: from the bean to the bar, close-up on the production of chocolate

Chocolate, we devour it at the slightest opportunity: at Easter, at Christmas, two squares here, a bar there… With pleasure or guilt, each French person eats 7 kg of it a year, with a clear preference for dark chocolate. But do you know how chocolate is made? 🤔 It's that things are happening […]
April 6th
pods-vanilla How to choose your vanilla pods?

How to choose your vanilla pods?

Aah, vanilla... Just mentioning its name, powerful and sweet perfumes invade our nostrils and bring back images of our childhood, small perfumed grains stuck on our fingers, and which, once infused, spread a bewitching smell in the kitchen… However, it is difficult to find good vanilla pods, because the […]
March 7, 2022
filet-salmon Recipe: Trapper Salmon

Recipe: Trapper Salmon

In Canada, the thermometer comes close every winter to what looks like, for us Europeans, absolute zero 🥶. To warm up, our Quebec cousins ​​use a spicy and sweet maple-based mix that inspired our trapper's mulled wine mix and this delicious salmon recipe. Follow the caribou to the […]
21th February 2022
drink-mulled-wine All about mulled wine

Everything you need to know about mulled wine

It is the drink of winter, the one whose perfume floats on all the Christmas markets with its good smell of citrus fruits and spices: mulled wine! To immerse us in the atmosphere of the end of the year celebrations and warm us up after a walk in the snow, nothing like this beverage that smells […]
19th January 2022
saint-valentin-gourmande A gourmet Valentine’s Day with Quai Sud

A gourmet Valentine's Day with Quai Sud

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you want to celebrate the love of your chosen one with dignity ❤… But what can you offer your other half to think outside the box? Well, already, you haven't forgotten that it's Valentine's Day, so you won't be spending the night on the couch… but still, you […]
2th February 2022
astrology-signs Astro-tea: your horoscope for 2022

Astro-tea: your horoscope for 2022

Every day, more than 2,5 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide! However, only one coffee will bring you 2022, the year of renewal! All horoscopes agree on this point, 2022 is placed under the sign of hope and the realization of our dreams thanks to the positive influence of Jupiter in Pisces… […]
11th January 2022
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