Astro-tea: your horoscope for 2022

astrology-signs Astro-tea: your horoscope for 2022

Every day, more than 2,5 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide! However, only one coffee will bring you 2022, the year of renewal! All the horoscopes agree on this point, 2022 is placed under the sign of hope and the realization of our dreams thanks to the positive influence of Jupiter in Pisces... Quai Sud invites you to taste a " astro-tea to find out what the year 2022 has in store for us. A gourmet horoscope to savor with one of our delicious teas of the 12 astrological signs...

Horoscope 2022: change, hope, positive!

As you know, at Quai Sud, we are no longer good at cocktail mixes than for astrological forecasts (after all, everyone has their own job), but we have nevertheless spotted some basic trends in the sky of 2022.

This year, Jupiter sets the tone. The benefactor planet is the most fulfilling of the solar system and comes to visit two signs of the zodiac, mainly Pisces, then Aries. It's the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, and it promises to be intense in 2022! Jupiter is the planet of Pisces, harmony and fulfillment will therefore be at the maximum and all the astrological signs will benefit from it. Sensitive and humanistic, Pisces will come to temper the go-getter side of Aries, which brings renewal and promotes initiatives.

Result, in 2022, you will surely move forward and with the others, and you will need liters of coffee, tea and cocoa to realize all your projects! things will change, you leave the past behind and your dreams come true 🤞. Be flexible to adapt to change, and nothing will be impossible in 2022!

Jupiter in Pisces brings profound changes until May, then Aries brings dynamism and confidence. At the end of October, Jupiter returns in Pisces to temper the ardor of Aries and remind him that we move forward better with others; the sharing will therefore be there to close a year rich in emotions, dynamic and altruistic.

Your 2022 horoscope sign by sign

As an exceptional coffee, 2022 is generally a good vintage for all the astrological signs thanks to the association of Jupiter and Pisces. However, some signs will be more favored than others this year.

  • BR-TN-ASTRO-BALANCE-WEB-3-300x400 Astro-tea: your horoscope for 2022
    Balance Black Tea (Poppy, Cornflower)
  • BR-TN-ASTRO-LION-WEB-1-300x400 Astro-tea: your horoscope for 2022
    Lion Black Tea (Rosemary, Honey)
  • BR-TN-ASTRO-TAUREAU-WEB-1-300x400 Astro-tea: your horoscope for 2022
    Taurus Black Tea (Cocoa Bean Nibs, Pear)

The underdog signs of 2022
Thanks to Jupiter, Aries are entering a year of transition to be on top in 2023. They will thrive professionally through new opportunities. THE Verseau will see their finances evolve favorably and will start afresh on new bases in terms of heart and health. THE Virgin will be under the influence of Pisces: the year will be filled with love and devoted to others, but remember to spare yourself a little... You will take well a cup of tea to lift you up?

2022 promises to be half-hearted for you? Be persistent, it can change everything, and be patient... your turn will come in 2023! In the meantime, Quai Sud will always be there to comfort you with your astrological tea 🥰

The winning signs of the year
An insolent chance awaits the Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini and Libra ! 2022 will be a dynamic and positive year on a professional level, with great career opportunities and cash flow. New job, promotion… This year is your business side!

Others will be privileged on a personal level, with lots of love and travel on the agenda. Beautiful moments as a couple, with family or friends are looming in 2022 for the Taurus, Scorpion, Capricorn and Cancer. Only one word : enjoy!

The overall champion
We've read the future in the tea leaves and that's for sure, 2022 will be the year of Pisces ! In perfect association with Jupiter, everything becomes possible. The benevolent planet heals your soul bruises, allows you to think big and realize your dreams. Your intuition, your sensitivity and your emotions will guide you creatively, emotionally and professionally, if you channel them to hold on. As for your loved ones, you love them and they will give it back to you 😍. A little of your delicious astrological tea lemongrass and jasmine to water the news? ☕

A tea, an astrological sign. Discover Quai Sud's astrological black teas whose amazing aromas correspond to the personality and character of each sign of the zodiac. To be enjoyed without moderation after 3 to 4 minutes of infusion in simmering water. Happy new year 2022 🥳

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